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Masterline designs custom-made products.

Plans, drawings, pictures of your products along with the final dimensions are submitted to Masterline by you. Masterline proceeds to design your models. Pictures of the final models are then submitted to you, usually by e-mail attachment, for final approval.

Masterline is celebrating 40 years of designing product models for individuals as well companies and corporations. Their philosophy is simple -- to create the best designed products that will sell themselves in a highly competitive marketplace.

Masterline specializes in mold construction. Their philosophy is simple --well-made products start with a correctly-made mold and our molding department is committed to the highest industrial and international standards. Masterline sources only the best of materials from around the world.

Masterline can fabricate and design your custom glass sagging forms. When the client has submitted their drawings for a saggar, we proceed to complete the model mold making. The mold is cast in white clay and fired to produce the saggars. Saggars are sometimes referred to as glass forms.

Masterline creates the finest soap and candle designs for individuals and companies. These enterprises have developed their own formulae, scents, and colors to make their candles and soaps uniquely theirs. Our job to is design the perfect soap bars, develop the molding, and let you cast and market your own skin and beauty products.

Masterline design out-door ornamental concrete garden products. Whether it is a garden fountain or a decorative garden bench for the patio, our design department is capable of designing these products. Once the model in made and approved, our molding department makes the production molds in the proper rubber.

Masterline offers custom-made quality candle molds. Our customers tell us that they want their soap and candle molds to last for many years. Silicone molds require no release and de-mold easily.

Masterline offers an excellent Moldmaking Diploma Course. Your hands-on training will enable you to make two-part molds from start to finish.

Masterline Molds welcomes your inquiries. Your questions and concerns will be answered courteously and promptly and any discussions about your product or product ideas will be private and confidential. Please complete the Contact Page.