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Custom Design Soap Bar

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Soap bars come in different shapes and sizes. These shapes include: rectangular, square, round, oval, cube, pyramid and so on. Soap sizes include: a family-size, (6-8 oz.); hand/face-size, (3-5.5 oz.); guest/hospitality/gift/trial-pack size, (1-2 oz.).

The shapes and sizes are also expressed in inches or centimeters. A soap bar measuring three by two by one-inch contains 3 ounces or 90 grams of soap. Letting us know the dimensions of your soap is important.

In today's rapidly growing soap market, branding your soap will give your product that different and unique presence. And branding is not adding your name to outside packaging. Branding is placing your name or logo directly in your soap bar.

Multi-national Corporations have spent millions of dollars branding their products to distinguish themselves from their competition. Branding should be part of your successful marketing and selling strategy.

When making silicone rubber molds, some soap shapes are more economical to produce than others. The square and rectangular shapes take less silicone rubber to form than the round and oval shapes. The cost of producing your molds is based on the number of pounds of silicone that is used.

Silicone rubber molds begin with a 12-cavitity mold which makes 12 branded soap bars. Our experience shows it becomes easier to work with two 12-cavitity molds to make 24 soap bars. Silicone rubber molds to make hospitality and trial soap sizes contain 24 cavities which produces 24 soap bars. Increasing your production to double or triple levels is also easier.

Using silicone rubber molds free up your time. Once the molds are filled, you can go on with other tasks. De-molding is not a problem as each soap bar will release effortlessly. We suggest to place a tray over the top of the mold and flip the mold upside down. Lifting up the mold will release each new soap and leave it on the tray.

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