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Calla Lily Stepping Stone Manufactured in Concrete

Rose Path Stepping Stone Manufactured in Concrete


Making concrete products involves carefully measuring the correct ratios of cement to sand and/or light gravel. Gradually add water slowly to the dry mix and continue mixing the concrete to a working consistency.

Pour the concrete mix into the rubber mold (made from RTV polyurethane). Make sure that no air bubbles are trapped and that the concrete mix is reaching all areas by gently shaking or tapping the mold.

The minimum time to de-mold a newly formed piece of concrete is 24 hours.

The mixing of the concrete, the pouring, and de-molding of the items are relatively simple. Care should be exercised to ensure that the many outdoor garden ornaments have the quality to survive harsh freezing long winters and searing hot summers.

At Masterline Molds, we have formulated our own mix of cement and gravel to produce a light grey product. Our concrete formula was tested outdoors for many years in all types of weather conditions. We market our concrete products as Winter Hardy" to ensure that our products will last outside through all types of weather conditions.

Most of the concrete garden ornaments are cast using polyurethane rubber molds. The larger garden pieces and statutes are cast using latex molds. Latex molds are more cost efficient than the polyurethane molds. However, most latex molds will last only one season or in some cases, only part of a season, depending on the amount of wear and tear.

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