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Getting Started

Getting Started

Getting Started

Masterline offers Diploma Courses for Moldmaking.


Masterline offers a very popular mold making course.

This course teaches all the procedures to make the first rough mold from the model; to make the plaster master; to make the case mold, and to make the block. All production molds are made from the block.

This course offers one of the most complete mold making programs. Different models are used to illustrate various methods to begin the molding process.

This course teaches how to calculate the ratio of water to plaster and to mechanically mix the plaster. There is a discussion of different types of Gypsum, Hydro-Stone, Hydro-Cal, and of course, Pottery Plaster. There is a discussion of correct soaking times, mixing times, and resting times, and yes, there is a proper way to pour plaster to eliminate air bubbles.

You will learn how to make the 'spare' fit accurately to the master. This is part of learning about the 'gate' or reservoir which holds the clay slip when casting the production mold.

You will learn the correct way to place and use registers or locks in the mold. You will be shown different styles and ways to make locks.

You will be shown you how to make a special molding release. This release was used by the 'old masters' and this release works right every time.

We also spend a few hours visiting a plaster supplier and distributor to learn more about other types of plasters and their applications.

This visit to the supplier will also give you an opportunity to purchase specialty tools and equipment not found in stores or pottery houses.

Masterline honors these credit cards

Masteline honours these fine credit cards

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