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One of the better methods of creating accurate and precision-made models is the lathe method using a precision pre-cut template.

This method is particularly useful when clay shrinkage is involved. Normally, earthen ware clay loses 6.25% when fired; stoneware clays, 13%; and porcelain clays shrink 18% or even more.

Pencil draw the outline of the original item according to its real-time dimensions. Then enlarge this outline by what percentage of shrinkage using a photocopier. Transfer this enlarge drawing by tracing the outline onto a piece of metal, or, in his case, wood. Cut the metal or wood to form a precision template.

MASTERLINE uses this method to create dinner plates, salad plates, dessert plates, and so on.

The process starts on a flat surface with a solid post which is the center of the plate..

A 'sleigh' is used to hold the template to form the inside of the plate. The trick is to allow the plaster to set to a semi harden state, not harden, (See top picture) and then make as few passes around the center pole to form the 'inside' or the dish of the plate (See second picture).

Allow this newly formed inner plate to set for about 30 to 45 minutes. Then apply mold release to the inner plate. Apply as much mold release as required and then brush the excess release away from the center.

Mix plaster and allow it to semi-harden in the mixing pail before applying to the top the existing inner plate (See third picture). Then attach the template to form the outer edge of the plate to 'sleigh'. Make two or three complete revolutions to form the outside of the plate (See fourth picture).

The plate has now been formed, upside down (See fourth picture) and simply remove from around the center post (See fifth picture). Later, fill in the hole caused by the post with plaster and allow to set.

The moldmaking process begins with (See bottom picture) by casting the first side.

Later, to complete the process to molding, the second side will be cast after inserting the locks or registers.

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Masteline honours these fine credit cards