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Lady Iris Water Sculpture



Whether you require custom sculptures from animals to figurines, our capable staff headed by Sharon Secord will make your design a reality.

Sharon has many years of experience and looks forward to each new project.

Some product sculptures may require a special add-on such as a stylized flower, a little bee, or small dove.  Other times, our client's may require extensive design work as shown in these pictures.  Out-door garden figurines, wall hangings, specialty tile work, soaps, candles, all of these consumer products start with a staff of  talented artists.

Sharon, in addition to designing and sculpting commercial products also produces successful line of original miniatures.  Her main accomplishments include a line of miniature teapots depicting the stories and adventures of the Dormouse Family.

Sharon also creates miniature scenes reminiscent of the Victoria era.  These scenes include Garden Parties to Wedding Day celebrations. Sharon has created a line of  Bunnyvilles featuring miniature bunnies doing everyday chores. Other scenes include Witch Houses, Bunny Cottages, Woodland Adventures, Fairies in a Flower, Wizard's Caves, Hollow Tree House Scenes, Santa's Christmas House and miniature Nativity Scenes.

Sharon can also develop special commemorate scenes to celebrate a special birthday, graduation, wedding, or anniversary.

Sharon can be reached by e-mail and telephone.

Masterline honors these credit cards

Masteline honours these fine credit cards