Tender Care and Maintenance For Your Perfect Silicone Molds

At the end of the day, or the end of a casting cycle, please take a few minutes to maintain and organize your silicone molds for the next round of casting.

We recommend cleaning your silicone molds in a warm sudsy solution of dish-washing detergent and using a natural sponge to remove any excess soap or, in some cases, excess soda ash, if used in your soap formulation.

Washing and rinsing your 12-soap cavity silicone mold will not hurt nor diminish the artwork. However, "Common Sense" says, "Do not use abrasives, or rigid plastic, steel, copper scrappers or machine wash".

Dry your silicone molds using a lint-free or micro-fibre cloth. We suggest to 'pat-dry' your molds to absorb any left over water, or better still, we recommend to simply let your molds 'air-day.'

As your molds are clean and ready, we suggest stacking the molds laying them flat, up-side down on a board to avoid dirt or debris from getting inside the clean molds. Some soap makers will store their silicone molds in either a large transparent plastic bags or storage containers with a lid.

You chose to make the investment in silicone molds -- a wise decision.

Over many years, Masterline Molds have developed the perfect silicone mold for casting your soap bars. Although silicone molds are durable and flexible, we know the correct thickness of the walls or sides, including the right amount of silicone in the base to avoid 'snaking.' You do not need a wooden box to reinforce the sides or bottom. We have developed a dedicated molding system that is fast, easy, to produce hundreds of perfect soap bars.

So, follow these steps, and your molds by Masterline will last forever.

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