Deciding the Edges, Borders, Corners

You talk ... we listen ... you talk some more ... and, we are still listening. Because your talking is valuable to designing your soap bar. And learning about the types of soap bars, the shapes, edges, corners, and borders ... should be an enjoyable experience.

Photo Credit: Zoran Kljujic

Deciding the Edges, Corners, and Borders

When talking about creating different edges, corners, and borders of a soap bar, we are really talking about styling the soap bar. There are no rules when it comes to styling. Sometimes, it may be better with no styling at all – just a simple rectangular soap bar with square edges, square corners, with no borders. Try not to overdo your styling which could take away from your branded company name or logo. Likewise, you may want a simple border to frame around your branded soap bar. So, experiment with these three-styling techniques to make your soap bar more appealing. Give your soap bar the personality it deserves -- that certain look -- a certain feel.

The styling of edges and corners will do two things:

  1. enhances the feel of the bar
  2. its pleasing appearance

So, let's get started.

Different Edges for Your Soap Bar

There are four styles of edges: a straight square edge; a slightly rounded edge; a full round edge; and a beveled edge. Using one of these edges will enhance the personality or feel of your soap bar. Using rounded edges gives your soap bar a softer look and feel.

Different Corners for Your Soap Bar

There are four styles of corners: a straight- square corner; a slightly rounded corner; a full round corner; and a beveled corner. The edges and corners of your soap bar should match each other.

Different Borders for Your Soap Bar

There are three styles of borders -- a narrow border, a wider border, or a recessed border. Adding a border, acts as a frame around a picture. The choice of border will protect your logo and artwork. You may wish to add a filigree scrolls or other graphic scrolls around the edge of your soap bar.

Different Surfaces For Your Soap Bar

Although, we recommend keeping the surface area of the soap bar flat, sometimes a slightly rounded surface maybe an option.

Finally …

When choosing your style choices, we recommend a soap bar with slightly rounded edges/corners which can break any surface tension in the corners of your silicone molds when being filled. Slightly or near-round edges/corners can help reduce any small air bubbles collecting in corners of your silicone rubber molds.

We also suggest a flat top surface soap bar with raised (embossed) or carved (engraved) company name and/or logo/artwork/lettering.

Getting the right shape, the right size, and especially the right weight and dimensions for your soap bar may require little decisions to arrive at the final look of your soap bar or other bath products.

Our experience collaborating with clients, either at the corporate level or the local level, might be of comfort, knowing that we are always here to listen, suggest, and help.

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