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Custom Branded Soap Bar
Custom Branded Soap Bar
Custom Branded Soap Bar
Custom Branded Soap


We continue to offer suggestions to reduce or add weight to obtain the correct weight you would like. Maybe you would like to market and sell your beauty soap bar as a 3.5 ounce or a 4 ounce bar. Remember, the weight of your soap will depend on the ingredients used in your formula.

At Masterline we will NOT ask about your formula. Your formula is your proprietory right for exclusive use. You do NOT have to share your formula with us or any other company. Again, we are only concerned in the weight of ingredients in order to establish the weight of your formula.

So here we some suggestions to reduce the weight of your soap bar even if you wish to use or even add more abrasive ingredients, or rose petals, and so on

To reduce weight on your bar, use rounded edges, or slightly rounded edges, or just leave the edges the way their are (straight) and then round the corners, or slightly round the corners.

Instead of using round edges or round corners, bevel edges or corners will work fine to reduce weight.

And you could also reduce the dimension of the bar. Instead of the bar being 3 x 2 x l, reduce the dimension to 2-3/4 inches long, or 1-7/8 inches wide. And don't forget the thickness -- you can still have a bar with dimensions 3 inches x 2 inches, but only 7/8 inches thick.

To reduce weight you can ask to have the logo or lettering engraved into the soap, although this method does not save as much weight.

Now, like wise, to add weight of your soap you can alter the dimensions, add borders around your soap bar,

At team Masterline, we can work with you to get the right dimensions, the right size, and right shape of your soap bar.

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