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Custom Branded Soap Bar
Custom Branded Soap Bar
Custom Branded Soap Bar
Custom Branded Soap


Now that we know the type and the shape of your soap bar, we need to calculate the exact dimensions of your particular soap bar using your soap ingredients to determine its weight. We would like to have a beauty bar, rectangular shape, 3.5 inches long by 2 inches wide by 1 inch thick and you want your bar to weight 3 US ounces.

First, we need to calculate the number of cubic inches in your soap bar by multiplying the length times the width times the thickness. In this case, 3.5 times 2.0 times l.0 equals 7 cubic inches.

Second, now that we know your soap contains 7 cu. in., we can now determine the amount of fluid ounces in your soap bar. One cubic inch contains 0.5541 US fluid ounces, or 0.5767 Imperial fluid ounces. By multiplying the 7cubic inches by the 0.5541 US fluid ounces, your rectangular beauty bar has about 3.8787 US fluid ounces or 7 times 0.5767 for 4.0369 Imperial ounces.

Third, we now need to look at the ingredients used in your formula and the ounce volume of the oils which weigh more than water; the ounces of water, knowing some water will evaporate when bringing the soap to the trace temperture; and any other ingredients such as abrasives, like seeds, bark, flower petals, or an embedded toy for a child's soap. All of these ingredients add to the extra weight of your soap bar.

Four, you may have to adjust the amount of extra ingredients such as the abrasives, flower petals, etc. to arrive at the correct 3 ounce weight. The dimensions of your beauty bar is calculated to weigh 3.8787 US fluid ounces. You will have to adjust the amount of ingredients used in your formula, or by decreasing or increasing the dimensions of your bar to obtain the 3 ounce of your bar.

Next we are going to discuss adjusting the weight and dimension of the bar.

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