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We have gone to great lengths and care to build your silicone rubber soap molds. Your molds are 'original and geniune', built solely for the purpose for producing perfect soap bars, the exact size, the exact weight, right dimensions, and your logo is reproduced perfectly each time.

At first, there may be a slight 'learning curive' as you adjust your techniques to work with the new silicone molds. You don't have to cut the bars and hope for the correct weight. Each has been cast in its own separate cavity for a perfect soap bar.

At the end of the working cycle, simply clean and rinse your molds using warm soapy water. Then use a final rinse with clean water only. Allow the molds to 'air-dry' before storing them in self-sealing plastic bags or containers.

Store your molds on a flat surface or on removable boards in a cool dry area, out of the rays of direct sunlight until the next time you use your molds.

Your molds are NOT made using latex rubber which will only detriotrate over time.  Your molds are NOT made using plastic sheeting. Your molds are NOT made using silicone chaulking in tube from the local box-store.

Your molds are always ready and willing to go to work producing perfect soap bars.

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