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Custom Branded Soap Bar

Custom Branded Soap Bar

Custom Branded Soap Bar

Custom Branded Soap


Branding is a way we recognize products. Whether it is someone enjoying a bar of soap at the friend's place, or strolling around cosmetics counters, or street shoppng in your community, we, as consumers need to know who makes this product so we can make a purchase of that product.

Branding is identifying your product with a logo, a name, a symbol, a word, a phrase, or a sentence, that is used to distinguish their products from others.

When you have art work or a company logo on your soap bar you are establishing your brand -- your brand name soap.

When a company establishes a brand, they are working to expand their product informaton, traffic, and use of their products. The style of your soap bar also enhances you company's brand name.

Cavity silicone molds work great for control over the weight of your product, consistency in appearance of your soap, and through effective visuals lets everyone know that this company or individual has gone to great lengths to develop their product lines.

The weight of your soap bar is also important. The weight will establish the cost of producing a bar of soap. The cavity silicone mold will produce the exact each cast. Each bar is pre-formed with your exact artwork. There is no need for stamping: no is no need for slicing and guessing at the weight of the bar that has just been cut.

The team at Masterline is willing to work with you to create your products through better design and create effective molding for better production results.

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