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Branding is a way we recognize products. Branding is describing your products -- defines who you are and what you company does.

Whether it is someone enjoying a bar of your soap at the friend's place, or strolling around cosmetics counters at your local pharmacy, or window shoppng in your community, we, as consumers need to know who makes this product so we can purchase of that product.

Branding is identifying your product with a name, a logo, a symbol, a word, a phrase, or a sentence, that is used to distinguish your products from others.

When you have art work or your company logo on your soap bar you are establishing your brand -- your brand name soap.

Most consumers want to know the name of your soap.Most consumers want to identify with your product or products. In some ways it gives consurmer a pleasant feeling that they are using products that someone thought very special to have their name on it.

When a company establishes a brand name, they are working to expand their product informaton, the uses of their products and traffic. The style of your soap bar also enhances your company's brand name.

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