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The Rectangle Shape
This shape offers good gripping properties from all four sides. This bar is great for bathing and showering. Because of its billboard size, soapmakers prefer to use this bar for branding their logo or company name or both.
The Square Shape
About half the size of the Rectangle shape. This bar has excellent gripping properties because of its four equal sides. Good bar for branding your logol
The Oval Shape
The shape has excellent gripping properties as the oval shape feels sensuous in one's hand. Its oval shape make this bar a great selling bar. Good shape for branding this bar with your company logo, and name.
The Round/Cicle Shape
Perfect shape for gripping properties and branding your company's circular logo
The Octogan Shape
Great gripping properties as the edges are defined. Ideal for branding your company's logo or name.
The Triangle Shape
A perfect shape for gripping and holding properties. Efficient shape for arranging in a silicone.
The Freeform Shape
Any shape that represnts any kind of object.
The Speciality Shape
These shapes include Falling Stars, Heart, or Animal figurines for children's soap

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