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Generally speaking, there are three types of soap bars. These types could eventually determine the size of your soap bar (the length, width and thickness) and the weight of your soap bar (the number of ounces or grams).

Hand/Face/Beauty Soap
These types of soap bars are the standard pertaining to size and weight. Other types of soaps will be sized smaller than or larger than the Hand or Face soap. Other types of bars will have their weight less than and more than the standard Hand or Face soap.
Bath/Body/Family/Laundry/Industrial/Animal Size Soap
These bars are larger sizes and weigh more. Because of the larger size and weight, these bars are ideal for speciality laundry bars, body bars, family-size bars. In particular, Industrial-sized soap bars and animal-care bars for pets, horses, and pedigree livestock.
Guest/Hotel/Sampler/Single Use Soap
The small type soap bar category has been growing over the past few years. Sample bars as hand-outs to promote your brand name products. Working with branded local hotels and motels to promote their establishment and city address. These smaller sizes are better for bath fizzies, aromatics which release pretty scents when dissolved in water, ideal for lip balms, small moisturing hand lotion bars. Masterline uses high grade industrial silicone to create a 24 (2 dozen) cavities production molds for these sizes.

You may want to consider marketing the Hand/Face/Beauty bars as three seperate soap bars types. The beauty bar is just that. A bar containing your finest oils, aromas or embediments. In some cases, your customers may not wish to use an advertised Hand Soap as a Face soap. Consider the case of an advertised Garden soap as used for hand washing only.

Let's move on to discuss the different shapes of soap bars.

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