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Dark Horse Finished Soap Bar

For the first time, you have an opportunity to have your soap bar designed your way -- the right type,the right shape, the right size, and, the right dimensions for the exact weight.

For the first time, you will cast your branded soap bars in silicone rubber molds made the right way.

John and Sharon Secord, through hard work and persistence, have earned the respect and admiration from thousands of satisfied customers and clients around the world.

Good product design, efficient production molds are keys to your success. Don't you deserve the best team working for you.

Let's get started. Click on the "types of soap bars" on the following the links below:

Lather Bee Rich Finished Soap Bars

Arcara Skin Care Finished Bath Fizz

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Acquavena Finished Soap Bar and Guest Soap

Cocooning Collection Switzerland Goat Milk Finish Soap Bar

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