Custom Soap Bar Designs

image of custom-designed soap bar

A perfectly designed soap bar with the right shape, the right size, with the correct weight and dimensions built exclusively for your type of soap bar.

Branding Your Soap Bar

image of branded name with artwork soap bar

Branding gives your soap bar instant recoognization. Branding your soap bar with a company name or logo creates your ownership.

Custom Soap Bar Molds

image of silicone rubber mold

Quality soap bars start with a great mold -- there is nothing quite like using a durable flexible silicone mold -- the detail and exactness of each bar is outstanding.

Creating National Sales

image of creating national brand soap bars

Working with advertising agencies, promotional companies, or public realtions firms you may have the right product to promote their clients and customers.

Available On-Line

image of astock soap bar

Coming Soon! Ready to purchase in-stock soap bar silicone molds featuring traditional and modern surface designs on standard and unique shapes and sizes. Stay in touch!

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Our commentment is simple. To offer support to individvuals and corporations to develop their brand-name products, and offer the best molding solutions to increase their production.


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