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Image of Silicone Mold with Square Soap Cavities

Image of Silicone Mold with 12 Oval Cavities

Image of Silicone Mold with 12 Novelty Cavities

Image Showing Multiple Molds to Make 200 Cavities


After we receive your approval for the model of your soap bar, we than proceed to the making of your silicone mold.

The most efficient use of the silicone is the arranging of the rectangle and square bars. Like all our silicone molds, we leave a full quarter-inch silicone border around each soap caviity as well as the sides. And let's not forget the bottom of the mold. Increasing the amount of silicone here makes the mold stable to prevent 'snaking'.

The oval and circular soap bars use a little more silicone as the extra silicone will fill in around the shapes of these bars. But the small extra cost is off-wet as the oval and circular soap bars are a very popular selling shape. The oval bar are arranged in 'rows', rather than using a 'off-set' srrangement. You will find working the oval bars arranged in rows much more convenient.(See shape of bars.)

The novelty soap bars, in this case, small animal soaps for kids, Team Masterline uses a 'common sense' approach to arrange the soap cavities in the most efficient way.

Our suggestion is to limit the number of soap cavities to 12 or less. You will find the 12-caviities silicone molds are much easier to work. The appproximate size of a 12-cavitiy mold is about 13 by 14 inches. In some cases, we are asked to make a special sized mold to fit a client's particular size tray or platform. Team Masterline is more than willing to work with you to make the ideal size. If you require 100 cavities to pour your batch formula, we suggest you simply increase the number of mats. And it does cost any less to make a larger mold which could be harder to manage.

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