Deciding the Shape

You talk ... we listen ... you talk some more ... and, we are still listening. Because your talking is valuable to designing your soap bar. And learning about the types of soap bars, the shapes, edges, corners, and borders ... should be an enjoyable experience.

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Deciding the Right Shape

When deciding the shape of your soap bar, consider the available area on which to place your brand name, perhaps, your logo with some artwork. In addition to soap bar area, also consider the shape of your company name or logo, perhaps with some artwork. Are the brand name or logo more rectangular, circular, or even square. If so, the shape of your company brand name could decide the correct shape of the soap bar.

The dimensions of the shape will decide its weight. Will you market a 90-gram soap bar, or a four-ounce soap bar. The wonderful thing to know, is that we can adjust the dimensions and ultimately the weight.

To recap, consider available area on the soap bar, and the shape of your brand name, logo, or artwork.

Consider the four basic shapes of soap bars:

  1. the rectangle soap bar shape,
  2. the square soap bar shape,
  3. the oval soap bar shape, and
  4. the round or circular soap bar shape.

So, Let's Get Started

The Rectangle Shape

The rectangle is the 'standard' soap bar shape. The standard soap bar dimensions are 3-inches long, 2-inches wide, and a full one-inch thick -- not 3-1/4-inches long, or 1-7/8 wide -- it is 3 by 2 by 1-inch or 6 cubic inches by volume. And because this rectangle shape is a standout 'billboard' it is ideal for branding your name or logo. This bar is an ideal griping shape and its size fits nicely in one's palm. And your silicone molds will make this bar efficient to produce, stack, wrap, package, and ship.

The Square Shape

The square shape is any soap bar with four equal sides. It is a square, but if you prefer, this shape can easily be a CUBE SHAPE with length, width and thickness are with the same dimensions. And those four corners offer gripping properties for use in the shower or bathtub. The square shape offers excellent branding properties for your company name or logo. Your silicone molds will produce efficient soap bars. A word of caution because the deeper the mold the harder it to de-mold your soap bars.

The Oval Shape

The oval soap bar is one of the best-selling soap bars because of its many properties. First, the oval shape has great gripping properties. This bar fits so nicely into one's palm. The oval bar can have a flat or slightly rounded top surface. This area can be used to promote your brand name or logo. Most leading national brand soap bars are oval. The silicone molds are little more costly to make as more silicone is needed to fill around the missing corners.

The Round or Circle Shape

The round soap bar is one the better selling bars as this bar fits snuggly into one's palm and therefore, has above average gripping power. The round bar can have a flat or slightly rounded top surface which makes it great for branding especially when your company or logo. Again, the silicone molds are a little more costly to produce as more silicone is needed to fill around the missing corners.

There are other shapes to consider ...

The Octagon Shape

The Triangle Shape

The Custom-Designed Shape

These shapes include soap bars in the form of falling stars, hearts, animals, and novelty soap bar items especially for children.

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