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Image illustrating a bevelled edge on a square shape Image illustrating a rounded edge on a square shape Image illustrating a rounded corner on a square shape Image illustrating a square edge on a oval shape

Edges and corners add an asthetic component to the creation and design of your soap bar as well as adding a practical component. Slghtly rounded edges and corners give your soap bar a softer, gentlier apppearance just as square edges or corners give your soap bar a harder, more industrial look. The few example of edges and corners above -- range from a bevelled edge, rounded edge, a rounded corner, and a bevelled oval shape bar. On this web site, there are many examples of soap bar designs to examine.

If you prefer fully rounded corners or edges for your rectangular or square shape soap bar, we will adjust the dimensions to ensure your soap bar has the required number of ounces or grams of weight. This applies as well if you plan to use bevell edges or corners.

We always recommend a slightly rounded corner surface edge even with straight corners as it breaks the surface tension in the silicone, reducing air bubbles or air pockets along the edges and corners, when you pour your soap formula.

We suggest having a flat top surface with a raised (embossed) or carved (engraved) company logo/artwork/lettering as there is more surface contact when using the soap. Having a curved rounded top surface or slightly rounded top surface does make the logo or artwork appear distorted.

Adding a border around your soap, especially an oval shape, is like adding a frame around a picture. You can have a narrow or broader border around your soap bar. In some cases, the border protects the logo and artwork of the soap

Getting the right shape of soap bar, the right size of soap bar, and the right dimensions of your soap requires decisions. Our many years of experience working with clients either at the corporate level or local level is one reliable resource you can use.  We welcome your many questions.

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