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The silicone used to make your mold is an Industrial Grade Silicone -- flexible yet strong enough to retain its shape to produce highly accurate detail reproductions of your soap bar. All materials are made in North America to qualify for USMECA.

IMPORTANT:   This silicone does not take on any scents, oils, fragrances, or colors of the formula your are using. Your molds can be used to make different kinds of soap products such as solid lotion bars, bath fizzies (a substance that is in a liquid or slurry state that will cure into a sold mass); and wax items. Your silicone molds may be used both for hot and cold soap making processes. The molds DO NOT wear out over time and use. The silicone can withstand temperatures up to 350º F, and may also be placed in a refrigerator, freezer, or cooling unit. The silicone used is NOT food safe, though we do have a food safe, surgical grade silicone to manufacture food items.

After final aprovals, we create a block containing your 12 soap bars. The bars are configured 3 x 4, leaving a full ¼ inch border between each soap bar as well as full ¼ inch side borders, and our exclusive thicker bottom stabilizes the mold to give you that prefect cast. Each 12 bar cavity mold is approximately 13 by 14 inches.

As we use a stone block to create the silicone mold, each mold will weigh the same, and have the same dimensions. Each cavity will be the same size, the exact weight, with your company logo/artwork.

The silicone is soft and pliable allowing the soap bars to de-mold with ease. We recommend, before casting, placing a board or tray under the mold so that you can move the molding a curing or cooling rack. We recommend de-molding your bars by placing a board over top the mold, flipping the mold and board over, and then peeling the mold away from the bars to avoid finger prints or glove marks.

At the end of the day, refer to "Care of Your Silcone Rubber Molds"


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