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Custom Branded Soap Bar

Custom Branded Soap Bar

Custom Branded Soap Bar

Custom Branded Soap


Generally speaking, there are three types of soap bars. These types of soap bars could eventually determine the size (length, width, thickness) and weight (ounces or grams) of your soap bar.

Hand/Face/Beauty Soap
These bars are the standard for size and weight of a soap bar. All other types of soaps will be their size smaller than or larger than the Hand/Face soap. And, all other types of bars will have their weight (in ounces or grams) less than and more than the standard Hand/Face soap.

Bath/Body/Family Size Soap
These bars are larger than the standard Hand/Face Soap.

Guest/Hotel/Sampler/Single Use Soap
These smaller bars weigh less than the standard Hand/Face soap bar. Over the past few years, we have seen this category growing, mainly, as a sample bar for hand-out at various promotions -- for example, Mall Promotions, Craft Shows, and County Fall Fairs.

So there are three major types of soaps, however, in your area of the world, there may be other different types of soaps..

But, for now, we will work with just three types of soap bars

Next, we are going to discuss the different shapes of soap bars.

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